Skywalker X62

● Multiple Payload Option
● Easy-to-upgrade Principle
● High Safety Assurance
● Systematic but Practical Integrity
● Additional Relay Station
● Extremely Long Endurance
● Double Flight Control Systems Standby
● User-oriented Compact Packaging

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Aircraft Type Hexacopter, 6-rotary wings
Model X62/X62-PPK
Dimension 120x120x40 cm
Packing Size 88x58x27cm
Empty Weight 4kg
Body Material Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer
Propulsion System Electric Pusher Propeller
Electric Motor 6 brushless motors
Power Supply (per unit) Lithium-polymer battery, 6S, 16500mAh, 22.2V
Accelerometer 6x, for speed control
Barometer 1x, for calculation of altitude
Magnetometyer 2x, for magnetic heading
Gyroscorpe 2x, stabilizing for centre of gravity shifts
GPS Receiver 2x, for spatial positioning and waypoint navagation
PPK Receiver Attachable module SkyLines-mini, L1/L2 GNSS
(model X62-PPK only) (GPS/Glonass/Beidou, Galileo ready)
Baud Rate Data refresh 5Hz
Imaging Sensor Sony DSLR 24.3MP or above
Sensor Model Standard: α5100/α6000(24.3MP/E16mm/F2.8);
Medium:α7R (36.4MP/E28mm/F2.0);
Advanced: RX1RII (42.4MP/E35mm/F2.0)
3D Oblique Modeling Option 1: Dual-camera system SkyCams;
Option 2: Integrated 5-lens camera system D5LR
(refer to above for camera models)
2D Aerial Mapping 2-axis gimbal stabilizer (x62);
SteadiCam system (X62-PPK)
Pre-flight Setup 5mins
Control Mode Remote control/AutoPilot
Operating Temperature -10⁰C to 45⁰C
Environmental Humidity 90% condensing
Radio Link Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Control Frequency 900MHz (488MHz available upon request)
Transmitting Power 1w
Communication Range 5km (normal); 10-12km (best, upon upgrade)
Take-off & Recovery Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)
Weather Limit Stable in winds up to 10m/s (36km/h)
Beaufort scale 5
Endurance Approx. 50-60mins
Effective Photography Duration Approx. 40-50mins
Cruising Speed 8-10m/s
Climbing Speed 4m/s
Maximum Ceiling 3500m above sea level
Working Height Below 800m (for mapping purpose)
Ground Sampling Distance Imaging resolution 2-20cm selectable
Single-point Positioning Accuracy 2-5m
Relative Accuracy (XY/Z) 1-3x/1-5x GSD (X62-PPK)
Absolute Accuracy (without GCPs) Down to 10/15cm (X62-PPK)
Absolute Accuracy (with GCPs) Down to 2.3cm
Required GCPs 80%-90% eliminated or even no GCP required
(valid for X62-PPK only)

Note: The 60-minute flight performance results from clear weather with gentle breeze or no wind, temperature between 10⁰C-20⁰C, properly and fully charged batteries, plus well-trained operation. For safety reasons, its’s strongly recommended no to reach the limit. For best accuracy, it’s required to fly under the following conditions, clear sky withouth cloud or fog, wind speed below 8m/s, altitude. Within 1000m, visibility up to 5+km, and solar elevation angle more than 45⁰.

Product Details

 Airborne LiDAR System (for agriculture; topographics; electricity; forestry; land management; immediate response; disaster analysis, etc.)


Integrated Multi-lens Camera System (for 3D cartography; manufacturing; architecture, engineering & construction; defense, intelligence & homeland security; media, entertainment & e-commerce; resources & energy; cultural heritage; scientific analysis, geology & forensics; immediate response, disaster relief & analysis)


Infrared Thermal Imager (for night-vision tracing; rescue operation; power line inspection; environmental protection; agriculture; farming; fishing; forestry, etc.)


Hyperspectral Imaging Camera (for vegetation research; farming; forestry; geology; environment; hydrology; bathymetry, etc.)


Digital Wireless Video Transmitter (for remote command; traffic control; immediate response; emergency relief; live broadcasting, etc.)


Ultrahigh Resolution (100MP) Camera (the forefront of aerial photography for the ultimate image quality, top solution for aerial mapping)


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