Placom – KP-90N

● Enlarged Measuring capacity
● Easy calculations
● Easy operation

Type Roller Type
With Computing Function
Display Liquid Crystal, 8-digit Figures
Symbol Batt-E,SCALE
cm2, m2,km2,in2,ft2,acre,etc.
Converting Function Unit and Scale value
Accumulated Measuring Value Maximum 10m2(Scale 1:1)
Measuring Range Maximum vertical width: 325mm
Horizntal roller rotating length: Unlimited length for any shape
Accuracy Within +/-0.2%(Within +/-2/1000pluses)
Power Supply Built-in Ni-MH Battery(rechargeable through AC Adapter)
AC Adapter 100-240V (Auto-power-off function is provided.)
Operating Duration Approx. 30 hours of continuous operation
Battery Charging Time Approx. 15 hours
Main Unit Weight 750g
Accessories Supplied AC Adapter and Plastic Case


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