NTS-372R10 Series

● Reflectorless EDM
● Windows CE 6.0 OS
● Ultra measure speed
● SD card, mini USB interface data transfer

  N9 N70 N7
Distance Measurement      
EDM System Laser Class 3R
Wave Length: 650-690nm. 150MHz Frequency
Measurement Range Single Prism 3500m 5000m 5000m
Reflective Sheet 1000m 1000m 600m
Reflectorless 1000m 1000m 600m
Accuracy Single Prism ±(1+1+ppmxD)mm ±(2+2ppmxD)mm
Reflective Sheet ±(3+2ppmxD)mm
Reflectorless ±(3+2ppmxD)mm
Measuring Time Prism Tracking: <0.1s, Fine: <0.3s
Sheet <0.3s
Reflectorless 0.3-3s
Atmospheric Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input
Dist. Unit Freescale Sensor
Measuring Time Fine: <0.3s; Tracking: <0.1s
Atmospheric Correction Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input
Angle Measurement
Measurement Method Absolute Encoding
Diameter of Absolute Encoding Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading 0.1″ or 1″ option
Accuracy 1″ 2″ 2″
Detection Method Horizontal: 4path, Vertical: 4path
Image Erect
Effective Aperture 48mm
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1°30′
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.4m
Automatic Compensator
System Dual-Axis Liquid-electric Sensor Compensation
Working Range ±4′
Accuracy 1″
Sensitivity of Vial
Plate Vial 30″ /2mm
Circular Vial 8′ /2mm
Laser Plummet (Option)
Accuracy ±1.5mm(in 1.5m InsHt)
Wave Length 630nm-670nm
Laser Power ≤0.4mW
Optical Plummet (Option)
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range 0.5m-∞
Field of View
Operating System Windows CE 6.0
Processor Intel PXA310 624Mhz
Memory 128M DDR, 512M NAND Flash
Display 3.5inches LCD Touchscreen 640x480dpi
Communication RS-232, Mini USB, USB OTG, SD Card
Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, 10m range
WIFI 802.11
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Voltage 7.4V DC
Operation Time 6hours
Environment 20°C~+50°C
IP Standard IP55
Dimension and Weight 196x192x360mm, 6.2kg


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