● Accurate 2-260 Ft.
● Reads in feet or meters to nearest tenth
● Backlit digital display shows reading for 10-secs at a time or continuously

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  PS-7 PS-7FL
Display LCD (7 segments)
Frequency 200kH (Beam Angle: 24°) 200kHz (Beam Angle: 15°)
Back Light LED
Waterproof 50m(150ft) depth
Power Off Automatical (for about 10 sec)
Length of Float Sensor’s Cable 10m
Operating Voltage DC9V (Dry Cell 006P)
Battery Life Approximately 500 activations with battery
Weight Approx. 300g
Dimension 42 (Φ) x 198(L)mm Display: 42(Φ) x 198(L)mm
    Sensor: 50(Φ)x 155(L)mm

Item Description

Digital Depth Sounder with Built-in Transducer Available in two models, one features a built-in transducer and the other features an external transducer on a 12′ cable. Waterproof to a depth of 150′ (50m) both sounders measure depths in feet or meters in a range of 1.8′ to 260′ (0.6m to 79m). The transducer sends high frequency pulses to the bottom of a body of water where these pulses are reflected back and converted to electrical pulses that are amplified and displayed on the easy-to-read LCD. 7-Digit LCD is backlit for night use. These compact depth sounders transport easily and store conveniently – they will even slip into a shirt pocket! Powered by a 9V DC dry cell battery (included), the sounders have a battery life of approximately 500 uses and automatically shut off after 10 seconds. Wrist lanyard included. Minimum Depth: 1.8′ (0.6m). Maximum Depth: 260′ (79m). Accuracy: ±1%. Frequency: Built-in transducer model (90100), 400 KHz with a 6° beam angle; External transducer model (90101), 200 KHz with a 24° beam angle. Backlight: Filament light. Dimensions: 1.7″ x 7.8″. Weight with battery: 10 oz.

With the transducer at the end of a 12-Ft wire, this unit can be used from larger boats, mounted inside or outside of the hull, on a pole or boat-hook. This is useful if you are not close enough to the water to use the SM-5. The transducer wire and fitting are waterproof, however, the main unit is not for underwater use and should not be submerged. An optional Accessory Kit contains a strong suction cup bracket for external hull mounting and a Velcro/2-block attachment for pole or boat-hook mounting.


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