● Accuracy: ±1mm/5m
● Self-Leveling range: ±3°
● ISO 9001 Quality Guaranteed
● Working Range: Radius 30~40m
● Powered with 3x- Double-AA Battery
● Multi-purpose Cross line Laser; Radius 30m
● Magnetic automatic leveling ensures quicker self-leveling.
● Four V-lines, One H-line and one down point are projected in one pass.
●Rotate fine adjustment mechanism, making it easier to find Objects correctly

Model No. GP-5208H GP-5209H
Laser beam 4V1H1D
Light sources 635nm laser diode, down point 650nm
Anti-water class IP-54
Laser safety class Class 2M
Accuracy ±1mm/7m
Self-leveling range ±2.5°
Working range Radius 50m (with detector)
Power supply 3 x AA alkaline batteries / DC adaptor
Mounting thread 5/8″ X 11, ISO standard
Operating temperature -10℃~+40℃
Size Φ90x195mm
Weight 1.5kg

Item Description

● Four V-lines, one H-line and one floor point are projected in one pass.
● Magnetic compensator ensures more quick self-leveling.

● When using for outdoor, the receiver during the work can be used 50m of radius.
● When the instrument inclines over ±2.5°, the line laser gleams.
● Rotate fine adjustment mechanism, making it easier to find objects correctly.

Optional Accessories

Elevetor Tripod


● Detector


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