DL-200 Series

● Carbon-kevlar fuselage provides unbeatable strength
● Detachable structure, easy assembly and disassembly
● Compact and light weight, the whole flight weight is less than 4kg, easy to operate and longer duration time
● Two-motor system provides better assures a good performance in hot climate and altitudes

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    DL-201 DL-202
Height Accuracy (Standard deviation for 1km double run leveling) Digital reading 1mm 1.5mm
Optical reading 2mm
Distance Accuracy Digital reading D≤10m:10mm; D>10m:D*0.001
Distance Range Optical reading 1.5m~100m
Minimum display HD 1mm/0.1mm
Distance 0.1/1cm
Measuring time   Within 3s in normal condition
Telescope Magnification 32x
Resolving Power 3″
Field of View 1″30′
Multiple constant 100
Additive Constant 0
Compensator Type Magnetic-damped
Range >±12
Accuracy 0.30″/1′
Data storage Storage 16MB 16MB
Point Name Increasing/Decreasing/Customized Increasing
Connection USB USB
External Storage SD Card Not Available
Circular Vial Accuracy   8’/2mm
Auto power off   5minutes OFF
Horizontal Dial Graduation
Display   160*64dpi LCD with illumination
Working Temperature   -20°C~50°C
Dimension   (230x150x210)mm
Weight   2.5kg


·Automatic Reading: Elliminate from misreading and misreporting
·High Accuracy: Average mode for more accurate results
·Fast Computation: Half time saved when compared with traditional auto level
·High Efficiency: Abundant surveying software programs available, automatic error compensation
·Auto Save: Internal storage or SD card memory optional, Paperless operation


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