● Light Sources: Wave Length 532nm
● Water Proof System: IP-54
● Accuracy: ±20”
● Self-leveling range: ±2.5°
● Working range: Up to 50 Meters
● Power supply: lithium battery
● 3-axis (one horizontal and 2 vertical directions) 360 degree Rotation Lasers : Combining from rotary lasers and line lasers.
● Green Beam technology – 3 times brighter than red beam, and the output of green laser beam is more than 5mw to match working range until 500M with detector.

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  A-60 A-12
Distance measurement precision ±2mm
Range 0.2~60m 0.2~100m
Measurement unit options mm/in/ft
Continuous measurement function yes
Outdoor target reflection board no
Area measuremen function yes
Volume measurement function yes
Pythagorean proposition measurement function Full mode
Add and subtract measurement function yes
Min/Max value yes
Max storage 99 units
Automatic backlight yes
Buttons/Keys sound yes
Laser level II
Laser type 635nm,<1mW
Automatically cut off laser 20s
Automatic shutdown 150s
Storage temperature -20~+60℃
Working temperature 0~+40℃
Storage humidity RH85%
Battery AAA*2 1.5V 3*AAA
Battery life 40000 times for single measurements
Weight (including battery) 160g 180g
Dimension 118*54*28mm
Anti-water class IP-54

Item Description

● The handheld laser distance meter is designed to give user an one-person distance measuring and estimating tool to measure remote and difficut-to-reach places.The multi-fuctional instrument ensures simple, quick, and reliable measurement.

● 4 selectable measurement reference points:front, tripod, rear and pin(from a corner )



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