SkyCruiser A21

●First-class industrial aircraft material for field-proven durability and reliability
● High performance and endurance against all terrain and all weather
● Quick hand launching into the air and precise landing in confined space
● Powerful propulsion system for steep climbs and highaltitude cruise
● Fully automated GCS workflow for simple but safe operation
● Specialized control algorithm for immensely eliminating trajectory deviations

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Aircraft System Onboard Sensors
Aircraft Type Fixed wing, wingspan 150cm Accelerometer 1x
Model A21/A21-PPK Barometer 1x
Dimension 150 x 70 x 13cm Magnetometer 1x
Packing Size 98 x 36 x 46cm Gyroscope 1x
Empty Weight Approx. 1.45kg (1.55kg for model A21-PPK) GPS Receiver 1x
Body Material Industrial EPO Foam PPK Receiver (for model A21-PPK only) Built-in chipset, L1/l2, GNSS (GPS/Glonass/Compass, Galileo ready)
Propulsion System Electric pusher propeller, 12in, foldable Baud Rate Data refresh 5Hz/20Hz/50Hz, selectable
Electric Motor  500w    
Power Supply Lithium-ion Battery, 10000mAh, 14.8V    


Imagery Payload GCS Software
Standard Camera Sonly ILCE-QX1 Pre-flight Checks Automated
Sensor Type Exmor APS HD CMOS Flight Automations Automatic take-off, flight and landing operation
Resolution Value 20.1 Mega Pixel Camera Triggering Automated
Lens Configuration Voigtlander Low-battery Warning 30%
Focal Length E 21mm Auto Return Upon low-battery indication
Aperture Control F2.8 Descending Control Three section algorithm
Picture Size 23.2×15.4mm Fail-safe Routines Automated
Focal Resolution 1.5-20cm (GSD) Fail-safe Commands Manually controlled

Product Details

Large Area Mapping


Piping Planning & Inspection


Mining Survey


Urban Management


Topographic Survey


Disaster Relief & Analysis


Heavy Earthwork Construction


Vegetation Health Survey

The backstepping deceleration control methodology guides the descending vehicle to land within a circle area of 5m radius. As a result, the landing site would not be too strictly confined.
Extremely long flight duration up to 85 minutes and maximum coverage of a 2 single flight around 20km would provide you unprecedented work efficiency to enjoy unrivaled performance and incredible cost-effectiveness.
The inbuilt PPK module synchronously records observations with base station, and the kinematic differential corrections greatly improve the positioning accuracy down to centimeter level that satisfies survey needs. Consequently, the tough work of ground control point measurements might be minimized up to 80%-90%, or even totally eliminated.
Tailored to aerial photogrammetry, this professional package solution enjoys just a few quick steps to get started, including the easy hand launch for take-off. Therefore, the unmanned aircraft flight operation becomes much easier than ever, which will just take you half a day to learn!
With detachable wings, the highly integrated product consists of several components only. And the soft nylon case and hard metal box well fit your daily hand carry and transportation use.
The specialized control algorithm in autopilot computer enables this SkyCruiser to minimize the skyway deviation and yaw angle deviation up to 50% and 80% respectively. The inbuilt RTK module helps the drone with precise waypoint navigation and landing point control by realtime kinematic positioning.
This UAS made of industrial-level EPO foam material is designed to address its extraordinary durability and undertake hundreds of missions with proper maintenance, which is sharply distinguished from a consumer-grade drone.
Compared with other extremely light foamy drones, it enjoys very stable flight attitude and excellent wind resistance capability due to its moderate aircraft weight, which brings out extraordinary aerial photography quality and high precision outputs.
Resolution (GSD) Flight Altitude Area Coverage (per flight) Area Coverage(per day)
1.5cm 70m 2.0 km² 8.0km²
5cm 235m 6.1 km² 24.4km²
10cm 470m 11.8km² 47.2km²
16cm 760m 17.6km² 70.4km²
20cm 940m 22.2km² 88.8km²
Note: the data shown above is computed according to the forward overlap 75% and side overlap 60% from a 60-minute effective flight for a survey zone with aspect ratio around 2:1. And the area coverage per day results from 4 flights in the same day (2 flights each before and after lunch break). Theoretically, bigger coverage figures are expectable with rational parameter settings and increased flight arrangements.


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