Survey Equipment Sales, Repair, Rentals and Services

Surveying, Engineering, Geological, Laboratory Instruments and accessories

Philippine Region (With sub-dealers at Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo City)

Our Mission
We believe that the “Supplier and Customer” relationship is a never ending cycle. As a supplier, we are bound to do the right thing and do what was promise on our clients and customers to meet all their preferences and be satisfied. Our utmost priority is “You” in ensuring our overwhelming support when it comes to instrument technicalities and unmatched services and to provide the best services in terms of after sales support.

Our Vision
To provide the best services in terms of after sales support and we aim to be the leading innovative technology provider in our field of business across the country.

Why choose us?
Our company’s aim is Customer Satisfaction. We do not just tell you what is good about the product that you’re going to buy but we explain thoroughly what is good with both our “Products and Services” that you can get. Our company is flexible in many ways if you have any request feel free to tell us and rest assured that any and all questions or request will be address thoroughly.

Our commitment: “We give more for less!”
Quality – All brand new, repaired and calibrated instruments are prep for long term survey works and are issued with calibration certifications.
Value for Money – We are well aware that construction sometimes reaches a very crucial point or troubling times for that we are at full support when it comes to technical problems during your ongoing survey works.
Honesty – We do not just tell you what is good about the product that you’re going to buy. But we explain what is good with both the “Product” and the “Services” you may get before and after you purchase an equipment.
Flexibility – Our service center personnel’s were trained and certified technician on handling your damage equipment’s. we have the right tools to repair, calibrate and replaced parts for your purchased equipment’s even for other brands and we provide the quickest repairs and calibrations. We listen to your extra request depends on the circumstances if may to ask first to see what can we can do.
Security – For those equipment you purchase that is around 5-8 years old now and it is needed to be service either repair or calibration or be supplied of parts, rest assured that the parts are readily available if not, we can provide it in a matter of time.