Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay – Apogee Surveying & Mapping

December of 2019, we delivered and Served Apogee Surveying. Sr. Survey Trainer Mr. Jeff was the one who initiated the training at their desired area which was held at their desired area in Ipil. Apparently, there were users of different brand before but since GNSS RTK costs much compared to Total Station, they had to look for a trusted brand that is able to give exactly what they want with. They said, as they inquire and asked other Geodetic Engineers & Colleagues around the area, they were actually amazed at the fact that they were given one company that provides the great brand with the best after sales support and were advised to go and inquire to us, Surveytech Trading. So that’s what they do, they happened to call us and bought 1 set of GNSS RTK.
We appreciate it and thankful for the support and trust that the GE Chapter of Zamboanga Peninsula had for our company. As always, we promised to give our best when It comes to our after-sales support service.

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