They say it’s impossible, but SOUTH Galaxy G1 says “Everything is Possible!”

One of our clients posted a photo, which our SOUTH Galaxy G1 Series, that they are using our G1 under Heavily/Dense Obstructed area. This shows that SOUTH Galaxy G1 Series is still the best when it comes to this kind of area.

Please also see this link, a research study in Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia, that our SOUTH GNSS RTK is capable of getting wide range signal from a Heavy/Dense Obstructed Areas. The data show its accuracy in different areas classified as; the rural dense area, rural very dense area and Forest.

We are very proud to say on the years that Galaxy G1 and the G1 Series from 220 Channel, 440 Channel, 550 Channel and as well as the limited edition 660 Channel all models are still in good condition even when some are damaged due to unforeseen incidents. We are now expecting more repeat orders in the future.

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