DPWH Ilocos Norte Laoag 1st DEO & Procurement Management Office

We have delivered for 2 branches of DPWH Laoag Ilocos Norte, the engineering and the construction division. The District Engineer and the Chief Planning were too particularly picky looking for a Surveying Instruments, as there were many brands of it to choose from. To narrow down thier choices, they were looking for these qualities:

  1. The equipment must be capable of delivering fast, long & accurate measurements and deliver the proper fix data that is needed on-site.
  2. The supplier must be capable of delivering the proper training services of the offered equipment, maintenance and other technical aspect that may needed on their present and future projects.
  3. The Supplier must be capable of lending service units if the warrantied equipment is in need of servicing and isn’t repairable with in 24 hrs.

This were the qualities they were searching which was exactly what we gave them. Please see below the photos from the training:

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