We are Happy to Serve! @19 years of service!

As we embark this year 2017 Let us take a short recap of the year 2016 surely this year was one hectic year bringing you a new sets of state of the art surveying instruments like the new releases of Survey Grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hexacopter and Fixed wings drone, Upgraded Dual Frequency GNSS RTK of course let’s not forget the Total Station, Digital Theodolite and so on this equipment’s created a new impact with regards the next generation of surveying instruments of today and will likely continue in the future. I got to say Time really flies fast in the blink of an eye Surveytech Trading is now celebrating it’s 19 years of service throughout the Philippines there were a lot of changes and improvements with regards our field of business but Surveytech Trading had remained the same in one aspect giving the utmost support when it comes to customers’ needs, difficulties and will help you accomplish what job is needed to be done during your survey works.

For all the support and trust that you had given during our years of service and in the future what we want to express is our sincere “Thank you” for loyalty and for taking a liking on our company. Because of your gracious support Surveytech Trading remained prosper throughout the years. With that said we will always do our best continuing what we started for covering all our customers’ needs and being attentive of your suggestion that might help us improve further.

Once again Thank you and we humbly ask you to continue in supporting us!

Please see some evaluation report given by some of our clients hope you can give us one to for us to know what difference can still can make and improve.

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