A forewarning from the Management

To all the companies, using emails for providing information, sending request and documents, be cautious and watch-out for EMAIL FRAUDS.

  • ● Surveytech Trading is strict and specifically send vital information via these email addresses;
    1. 1. surveytechtrading@yahoo.com
    2. 2. survetech@yahoo.com
  • ● If you received any messages, claiming to be Surveytech Trading with an unrecognized information, please contact us immediately to verify it.
  • ● If you are unsure of the information given is correct, please contact us immediately. Click here for our contact informations.

Surveytech Trading” is the official and exclusive distributor of SOUTH and GPI brands of surveying instruments. We wish to advise to all interested parties to please refrain from purchasing south brand from any other companies. If you do, we at Surveytech is henceforth under no obligation to honor any warranty stated in the agreement. We are also not liable to and all problem that may arise due to sub-standard parts used in the product.

If you wish to avail in our promo, parts and services such as unlimited training and 24/7 support. You can call us on our given contact information on this site.

  • ● Please be reminded:
    • “Always double check before approving, it’s better to be cautious and alert in order to prevent future problems”

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