Delivery & Training to POIEL Engineering and Management Services

POIEL Engineering purchased a combination of GNSS RTK Dual Frequency 1x- S68T as Base and 3x as Rover of Galaxy G1 with Hydrographic Echo sounder. Our head technical personnel, Mr. Anthony Angeles, went to Aklan to deliver this equipment and train the whole team of POIEL Engineering. From Orientation to Actual Survey and Processing of data. We guided them in and out of the field to finish the job as soon as possible. And for them to be able to grasp the usage of GNSS RTK and Echo Sounder Quickly, our technical representative explain everything thoroughly. Below photos taken on-site:

Over-all training went very smooth, the surveyors had a good experience in and outside the field. They were fast, to catch up what we were discussing. After a few days, the first task for this survey was already submitted and had made a positive result. They still have a lot to survey but with their equipment and acquired new experiences. The months spent with a large-scale survey, will only be taken for a few days. We would like to thank POIEL Engineering Team with their diligence to learn and experience up to date techniques in surveying.

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