Delivery & Training to DPWH 2nd DEO La Union

Our company yet again won another bid for GNSS Dual Frequency RTK, Total Station, Software and More. because of our unrelenting after sales services and advances knowledge our company has been frequently been recognize by more and more clients. Photos taken from the delivery and training for this bid although it was a rainy day we still continued on doing the training for our clients to see the equipment’s capabilities even during that it can withstand any weather conditions:

As per the engineers and technical from DPWH attended the training overall they said that it is rather very educational and helpful at the same time they had not known techniques to lessen the time for surveying and a few advices for correcting some technical errors. This sector also suffered from losses due to this factors (time loss, brand new equipment failed to function & no training assistance) this were the factors that made a huge blow on their engineering team instead to make their work easier they had to adjust to the problems of the instruments and no help has received from the supplier luckily they found us with our reputation on in terms of after sales support and delivering top notch equipment was experience by DPWH 2nd DEO we are really glad they had learned from us and we hope to continue our supplier and consumer relationship with them.

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