Training – Philippine Air Force

Our Head GNSS Instructor, Anthony Angeles, and Static GPS Head, Instructor Ernesto Puno Jr., orchestrated the whole training event for the new surveyors of the Philippine Air Force. Those who attended this training were LTC. Arturo L. Gutierrez, 2nd Lt. Niel Ryan S. Saul, MSG Anthony C. Balangon, AIC Russel A. Hamidon, A2C Eduardo B. Merto Jr. and AW Mary Angeline O. Garcia. It was their first time using this kind of Instrument. And they wanted to know more about it and how it differs from the previous equipment used in survey such as transit, theodolites and total stations. With the help of the Instructing team, step by step the brave soldiers of our Philippine Air Force was taught thoroughly. Below Photos taken from Quezon City and Pampanga for their training.

The soldiers of the Philippine Air force experienced and learned some various techniques from our instructors. They felt refreshed that their survey jobs would go smoothly, because the training really help them a lot to do, what the task was given to them in a short time. They were very impressed with our SOUTH GNSS at the same time with its working capabilities and its limitless potential usage in survey field. Our Instructors, instructed them all from the usage of our SOUTH GNSS, as well as on how to use this kind equipment properly on an actual survey jobs. We also included on their training the processing of datum which they were overwhelmed the fact that they didn’t think they can do survey jobs in a long distance range in such a short time.

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