Enhancing knowledge on Previous and new trends of Survey equipment

Instructor Anthony Angeles with his associates, Mylene Angeles and Eduardo Culala, talk about the new GNSS RTK and Total Station pros and cons. What we do here is that, we want our clients to know what extents they can do to this kind of equipment and give them ideas on what they could need in the near future and also to create awareness for those who just wanted to buy products they don’t really needed is a total waste of money. We were given enough time to introduce some of our new products such our Total Station Model R5A Graphic Design Total Station and the all new GALAXY G1. Below photos taken from demonstration and presentation.

After the presentation inside the school classroom, we were headed outside of UP Los Baños to Demonstrate the Capabilities of the GNSS RTK and Total Station. We gave them ideas on what they could use for their future projects. Below photos taken outside UP Los Baños.

The Students and Professors had a really great time on their hands-on experience in using of our SOUTH GNSS RTK and Electronic Total Station. They were very delighted and had learned new ideas from our Instructor, Mr. Anthony Angeles. We would like to thank UP Los Baños for having us and give us few of their time to listen and to learn some facts that will help them today or in the near future.

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