Equipment Service Center

 “Total service solution for your instruments”

Quick calibration and repairs, low cost parts and labor and value-added services, Surveytech Trading has worked its way to achieve quality services and after sales support.

We offer a complete maintenance for all surveying instruments, with our trained and friendly personnel, to accommodate the growing service demands. Using imported specialized tools, equipment’s and replacement parts from abroad, we are surely ready to handle your purchased equipment’s even for the others brands.

We do RepairsCalibrations and General Maintenance for any kinds of surveying instruments such as:

  • Electronic Total Station, Transit, Transit Theodolite, Digital Theodolite, Dumpy Level, Automatic Level, GNSS RTK, Accessories (Stadia Rods, Range Pole) and More.
  • Sample Calibration Parameters Procedure
  • Tubular & Circular Bubble
  • Optical/Laser Plummet
  • Collimation of Horizontal L.O.S.
  • Perpendicularity of Cross-hair
  • H-axis Perpendicularity V-axis
  • Horizontal & vertical angle collimation
  • Inclination Error
  • EDM Axis Alignment
  • Compensator
    • X-axis
    • Y-axis
  • Distance measurement
    • Baseline A
    • Baseline B
    • Baseline C
    • Baseline D

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