GNSS RTK Delivery and Training to Various Schools that are included on PHIL LIDAR 1 Program

The Phil-LiDAR 1 Program is an expansion of the DREAM Programs which aims to produce 3-D Flood and hazard maps for the 2/3 of the Philippine river systems. Phil-Lidar 1

Our Technical Team which is headed by Mr. Anthony Angeles and his associate Mr. Eduard Culala were off to train and teach the Students, Professors and other Professionals that were assigned to the Phil LiDAR 1 Project on how to use there equipment’s.

First Batch of training and delivery that we have already serve and trained which is included with Phil LiDAR 1 Project:

  1. University of the Philippines Diliman
  2. University of the Philippines Cebu
  3. University of the Philippines Mindanao
  4. Central Luzon State University
  5. MAPUA Institute of Technology
  6. Ateneo De Zamboanga University
  7. Ateneo De Naga University
  8. University of San Carlos
  9. Visayas State University
  10. Central Mindanao State University
  11. Mindanao State University
  12. Caraga State University

Surveytech Trading don’t just tell you what is good about the product but what is good with both our Products and Services that you will get. The Students and Professors that were trained from PHIL-LIDAR 1 Project was very pleased in using the SOUTH Survey Equipment’s such as our Global Navigation Satellite System Real Time Kinematic, Total Station, Hydrographic Echo Sounder and more. From Familiarization, Operation, Field Application and Simulation Training we added new ideas that may help them do their work easy.

Our style of teaching is a bit unorthodox and we do not follow procedure which will allow the process of learning to be smooth not making it boring and un-accommodating for our trainees. What we want from our trainees is to learn various things and add new ideas with their existing ones. Knowing that we are of help that they have learned what they needed and added other new ideas for their future new projects. It was also a fun experience for us meeting new people.

Overall it was a bumpy ride we had to go through a lot of things and travelling to win them all. But this is just a head start and it is not finish just by winning and selling as we move on with our other clients. What we always promise on all our clients that we won’t fail them in terms of our full After Sales Support and tend to them when we are needed the least and the most. To those people out there and looking for this type of equipment’s that is quality and services secured we are always happy to serve.

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