Total Station and GNSS RTK Demonstration to Geodetic Engineers in Baguio

Surveytech Trading was invited to demonstrate new products of GNSS RTK System and Electronic Total Station in Baguio City by the Geodetic Engineers who are currently living there and those who have current projects in Baguio. Our head of GNSS RTK Dept. Mr. Anthony Angeles and his associates Mr. Eduard Culala and Mylene Angeles, the demonstration at Burnham Park. One of the audience is already our existing client, Engr. Jimson Laita, and has he checked the new equipment, he was amazed at the new upgrades, in this 2016, he plans to yet again purchase 2 extra Rovers and Total Station for his projects new opening projects. Our other audiences who attended also purchased some equipment’s such as GPS and Total Station they were entertained and learned a lot from our presenters they will also be purchasing the new Galaxy G1 after their projects have opened. Hope to see you soon guys and thank you for your time.

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