Start of Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines Convention/Exhibition

This year’s GEP Convention has started this year we are presenting our new products of SOUTH Survey Instruments such as the R10 1km Prismless Total Station, NTS-332r5 and the all new GALAXY G1 although the G1 was already presented last year and the purchases of this model is non-stop to create more opportunities we still have to advertise them more. Our presenters Richard Ian Puno, Mylene Angeles and Loreto Puno. We also added extra services on the convention events that is on-site Calibration.

Few participants attended this 2 events of GEP Convention but from those few who attended a lot them are our prospective buyers hope to see them soon and hear from as there projects had already opened. They like the New Total Station such as the SOUTH R10 and the GALAXY G1 and Mr. Richard Ian Puno and Mylene Angeles helped them know and stated all the facts on what is the capabilities of this Instruments.

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