GNSS RTK Delivery & Training to GAPMEC

G.A. Philkor Multi Energy Corporation (GAPMEC) is the leading renewable energy developer based in the Philippines. With launching progressive provinces of Cavite, Batangas and Bataan. To know more about GAPMEC please click here. To give you a brief story how GAPMEC met Surveytech Trading, their surveyors just wanted to rent the equipment at first when they got a hold of the equipment’s usage, they were really fascinated on its functions and features, not only that but they also got a touch of Surveytech Trading’s top notch after sales services support. It was 11pm and they needed some help with processing there data they’ve collected. We didn’t let them down, our instructors rush over the office to help them finish the data’s of their project and they were driving for almost 6 hours on the road just to get to our office, got to handed to GAPMEC surveyors they are really hardworking. After that incident, in a few weeks passed, they purchased the equipment.

Photos from their Site Training in Cavite:

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