GNSS RTK Delivery & Training to Engr. Manuel Santiago

Engr. Manuel Santiago came to our company the last time and said he was demonstrated to a different brand of GNSS. He is a kind of Engineer who would like to test everything first before making a decision, like checking the accuracy, the distance, the features, the durability of the equipment and the services offered by the supplier. After passing through all his test, actual survey field survey and checking the after sales services support, he immediately purchased our GNSS equipment. To all other customers, who are searching to buy a GNSS RTK or other Survey Instruments, please be observant and check all the instrument capability, the supplier history, client history and as well as the offered products services offered to you. And remember that this kind of equipment is always an investment and our Company, Surveytech Trading, wants your investment to not just a benefit for us but be a helpful instrument for your projects to do your work easier, faster, and efficient. Below photos taken from the training in Laguna.


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