GNSS RTK Delivery & Training to ALC Group of Companies: Carrascal Nickel Corporation, Western Shore Nickel Corporation & Core Mining Corporation

ALC Group of Companies is a mining company that mines nickel ores from laterite, limonite and saprolite, which are originally formed from the deep weathering of bed rock in tropical and subtropical regions. To get to know more about ALC please click here. ALC Group of Companies is one of our longest clients here in the Philippines. They first started purchasing some Total Stations, but with our continued services, support, honesty and good reputation towards our commitment with their company in providing our full attention when it comes to after sales services our relations has never been ruined. They have now acquired a new product which is now needed on their everyday works this SOUTH GNSS RTK System. Mr. Anthony Angeles and along with his associate Eduardo Culala, delivered 1 base and 2 rovers per company of ALC Group of Companies which is Carrascal Nickel Corporation, Western Shore Nickel Corporation & Core Mining Corporation all their unit sum up now to 3 base and 6 rovers. Below photos taken from the training on their site.

The training started with Orientation Familiarization and Basic Operation of SOUTH GNSS RTK before undertaking actual field survey to get to know first the equipment.

Photos from their Site Training in Cavite:

Next is proper procedure on setting up the equipment; actual field work, applying field application and data gathering. We also add on our training sessions the limitations of the instrument you needed to know, that every equipment such as GNSS RTK has its own limitation, so be wise in purchasing one, a lot of supplier will tell you that it can measure on every areas even inside the buildings. Be careful with this kind of supplier and make sure to investigate the companies who’s capability for after sales services a lot may tend to be just all talk and when problem occurs the money you paid has now gone to waste. What we do is not just a show and telling you everything what is good with the equipment, but we let you know what it’s all limitations and what action should be done when this limitations has been met. We sort some example and give an idea on what can be done. Every problem has a solution, you just need the right advices from a professional or expert on GNSS RTK user. Some would tell what to do and if does not work they would run away and forget about you.

After the actual training outside the quarters, we headed back to the meeting area to teach them on how to process the data and Import/Export of data thru various 3rd Party software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, E-CAD Survey, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Nmax, GE Survey and other leading surveying software. Training with ALC Explo mining surveyors went well, we added some new ideas, knowledge and how to operate easily in using the GNSS RTK. We guided them until they had learned the proper way of using it.

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