Echosounder & GNSS RTK Delivery & Training to Thetan Computerized Mapping and Engineering Services

Instructor Anthony Angeles conducted a training session with another group of surveyors of Thetan Computerized Mapping and Engineering Services. This is their second purchase of SOUTH GNSS RTK and first for the Hydrographic Echosounder. The location of the training is in San Leonardo Nueva Ecija. It was a nice day, we started from setting up the GNSS Base. Then the Thetan Surveyors and company prepared the boat for the Echosounder and our Instructor thought them the procedure on how the Echosounder works with the GNSS RTK SYTEM, teaching them every ounce of what we know and taking the time to show them what is all the features, what to do and what’s not to do, the limitation, and procedures for data processing after the field work. The duration of training was half a day on the field and half for processing of the gathered data’s. The training went smooth with our expertise. We did an excellent job on training them all not just what they need to know but also what they might encounter on their next survey like this one.

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