Surveytech Trading 2015 Christmas Party Celebration

Another prosperous and glorious year has come to Surveytech Trading because of the supports and continued trusts from all of our customers, clients and continued services by our trusted family members. We have remained like this continuing to serve as both professional and as an individual. We thanked God for all the blessing that he has given us, though there were hurdles as we have always said, that “for every problem there is a solution”, and because of those hurdles we’ve continue to grow and learn.

The Christmas party was celebrated by the whole Surveytech Team and was facilitated by Carlo Carpitanos, the son of Gary, and his fiancé Daisymae Rafon. Every members brought their families with them, it was a cool and awesome day for Surveytech. Before we started, of course let us not forget to thank the one who was always watching over us and giving the opportunity to move forward, to learn and continue to build a foundation that people may not forget as a good professional and true to our words. Before the real party started, our boss, Mr. Gary and Mrs. Iryn Carpitanos, talked about the growth of Surveytech with the will on moving on and staying true to yourself. We continued to prosper. Below Photos taken from the Party:

Being as one a team and family really played a role on Surveytech Trading’s success with another prosperous year has pass us may God will still continue to guide our path to success

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